Horribly Abiding Cats: Episode I - The Dirty Goblin expansion

  • 150 brand NEW cards, 110 white, 40 black.
  • Professionally printed on high quality casino cardstock with a linen finish, mixes in perfectly with the original game
  • Intended to play with the world's most horrible party game
  • Amazon ASIN B01132NASW
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Are your game nights getting boring?

Have you played the game and expansions so many times that by now you’ve memorized all the possible funny combinations? Does the game simply not excite you like it used to anymore? Or perhaps you’re just looking for something a little bit different?

If any of this sounds familiar to you then Horribly Abiding Cats: Episode I - The Dirty Goblin expansion is exactly what you need.

Revitalize your games with 150 new, uncensored, unofficial and anti-politically-correct cards. The deck contains 110 white, 40 black + 10 blank bonus cards that mix in seamlessly with all your existing expansions and full game.

Printed on high quality casino card stock with a linen finish, you are guaranteed to enjoy this expansion for a very long time.

What Happy Customers Are Saying


My boyfriend gave me a copy of Horribly Abiding Cats: Episode I - The Dirty Goblin expansion because I was always complayning about how boring our CAH game had become. All I can say is WOW! My life is finally complete. Who knew trying to figure out what Siri thinks the meaning of life is was so much fun! I definitely didn't. By the way if you don’t have any friends, like me, the game is also great to play on your own. My boyfriend always teases me saying this is abnormal, that there’s something wrong with me and that I need help. I always tease him back that some day I’ll cut his brakes.

~ Beth, Burlington VT


I’ll spare you the details, but not so long ago I was a successful Wall Street broker. I had everything a man could ever want. Money, power, women, you name it I had it. Then one day I thought it would be funny to give this expansion to a business partner and fellow C.A.H. fanatic of mine. Well, to make a long story short I now survive on the money I earn from giving blow jobs to truckers on interstate 84. I’m known as "Thunderlips" Tony in those circles and my name isn’t even Tony. All in all, I think it’s a fun expansion and I still enjoy playing it. But honestly I don’t know if it was worth it.

~ Charley, Hicksville NY


It may be a coincidence, it may be not, but a week after I started playing Horribly Abiding Cats: Episode I - The Dirty Goblin expansion I was able to walk again after three grueling years bound to a wheelchair. It has now been a month since I first started playing this expansion and I can run marathons again, even better than before the accident. The doctors that said I would never walk again are baffled. They call it a miracle, I call it Horribly Abiding Cats: Episode I - The Dirty Goblin expansion.

~ Henry, Hollywood CA


When grandma got Alzheimer's she constantly kept asking when I was going to find a nice girl and settle down. One night while I was browsing the web looking for states that allow euthanasia, I stumbled on your site. After reading all the positive reviews about Cats I decided to get her a copy. I was hoping she’d pick up her favorite party game again and stop bothering me. And it worked! Now I don't have to constantly explain to her who the big black gentleman who always acompanies me is and why I keep calling him "daddy".

~ Bill, Chicago IL